Simple Things Made Complicated

Your mistakes do not define you in this world, your accomplishments do!

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Waking up every day, with, a plan to change how we look at life, and by the end of the day, we have been left clueless when it did not seem to go as planned. There are many things that I would like to share with you. We all live through the same time, although every hour, every minute is different in how we choose to live it.

Stop putting your alarm on snooze!

Every decision that we make, right from the time we open our eyes in the morning, to the buzzing sound of the alarm clock is what will make a difference in how we will feel about ourselves during the day. Every time we decide to put our alarm on snooze to get that sweet 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 20 minutes, we delay our task and decide to be lazy instead of decisive.

It may not seem much for a day, or a week but over the years, you have trained your mind to slack off instead of making decisive decisions for yourself. Remember that every decision that we make for ourselves right now is going to define how we will be 10 years down the line. Next time when you are about to put your alarm on snooze, this new information will help to decide for yourself.

Small battles to win the war

Battle sometimes is one small part of a war, and other times it can make history and completely change the course. It is not different from the current times as we are all fighting our own battles every day to get close to something that we desire for ourselves. A successful career, money, food, or a relationship.

Let me take you in on a secret! your battles are the “tasks” at hand, waiting to be completed. It can be as small as taking a shower, going for a walk, talking to a friend, or even watching your favorite show on Netflix or as big as preparing for your interview, completing that presentation, cooking an Italian meal for yourself, or going out for grocery shopping. Once you get into a habit of deciding the task that you want to complete or accomplish, you are taking the first step towards being decisive, by the end of the day when you can complete those 4 or 5 tasks that you set for yourself it will give you hope for the next day and a feeling of doing better than you did today.

I know! it does sound familiar, it is because you know this, and I am here to give voice to your thoughts to remind you of what you have forgotten and a little something to help to steer you in the right direction. When you start finishing the task at hand it will eventually become a habit and will change the course of your feelings throughout the day and how you perceive things. So, feel good about yourself and give a pat on the back for doing great!

Challenge yourself to keep things interesting

It does get boring sometimes, not being able to step out of the daily cycle, especially when you are stuck in a work-from-home environment repeating the daily task over and over again. Focus on the after-hours too, It might get ridiculously harsh to take out some time for yourself but once you can win the small battles every hour, motivation will fill you up by the end of the day to make a change.

When you can find that little piece of motivation for yourself, push yourself an extra inch, take that one extra step during your evening walks, read another chapter of the book you love, or like me, write something after work. The point is to challenge ourselves an extra mile for the things that we love and for the desires that we hold on to every day. I kid you not! it makes a huge difference in keeping things interesting in life.

Something aligned with the pace of knowledge

Chase and embrace the change. If there was anything in the world more chaotic yet calming, focus on the things you could constantly tweak till you reach what you desire. Find ways you could change or replace the things you do not enjoy anymore and make mistakes doing that, although don’t let that linger on as there is nothing right or wrong in this, it is the first step to finding a path the defines you.




Working with a leading consulting firm as HR, glad to be a part of the Medium community. I enjoy writing articles on Psychology, Management and Self-improvement

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Rebecca Singh

Rebecca Singh

Working with a leading consulting firm as HR, glad to be a part of the Medium community. I enjoy writing articles on Psychology, Management and Self-improvement

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